Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit

Avast me hearties! Lets set sail to discover the flavours of Lyre’s dark cane spirit, their non alcoholic rum equivalent. Yargh!

When I first opened this bottle, I originally thought “wow that’s vinegary” but then once it breathed a bit that faded and left a sweet, caramel scent (or Carmel if your American). Not much in the way of anything else sadly. Perhaps this isn’t to be thought of as a rum “replacement”.

The mouth feel is very watery and definitely needs body adding to it in some form. I found this though with Lyre’s American Malt which you can read here: Lyre’s American Malt

Sidestepping the watery feeling, there is not much in the way of flavour to this drink other than caramel. There is a faint, fruity flavouring that comes through but it’s hard to detect at first as the sweetness dominates this drink both during and after.

Mixing with coke, I found I had to add a lot more to the glass as the coke’s own flavour drowned out the spirit.

Overall I was disappointed with this drink. The artwork on the bottle is amazing however sadly, it’s let down by its mouth feel and lack of flavour diversity. Perhaps going in, imagining a “rum replacement” was the wrong direction to start off with, when trying this drink who knows. Why not try this yourself and share your opinions in the comment section below?

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2 thoughts on “Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit”

  1. Great honest review – think all the rum replacements on the market Leave a lot to be desired, no one seems to have mastered it yet but there is definitely a place for them – one of the best, I think, is Ronsin it’s quite sweet but isn’t as watery, still definitely needs a mixer.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Tom! The best NA rum i’ve tried so far has to be the TeeTotal Cuba Lebre pre-mixed bottles. It’s a shame they’re so small!

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