Hairless Dog Black Ale

This is the second part of a two part review. You can view part one here: Hairless Dog IPA

Both the Hairless Dog IP and Black Ale were provided by The Alcohol Free Co. for a taste test. You can visit their Amazon shop and browse their offerings by clicking here

PART 2: Black Ale
After trying the IPA offering from Hairless Dog it’s now time to try out their Black Ale offering.

Pouring provided a foamy head which took a few attempts to finish pouring however this soon settled down before it was time to drink. This beer is a very dark brown in colour; kind of like Coca-Cola and has very little fizz to it.

This ale kept its flavour a guarded secret when it came to trying to gain some clues from its aroma. After a few attempts I could only detect a faint hint of burnt coffee.

The mouth feel for this beer is quite smooth. There is a small amount of bubbles but they are barely noticeable providing a much smoother feel compared to the IPA.

When I first tried this beer, both the aroma and flavour were quite weak, however once I let the ale sit for a few minutes and warm up (having been in the fridge prior to opening) these both grew in intensity.

The flavour is dominated by the taste of burnt coffee and if this was a stout, could be classed as a coffee stout. Perhaps this is where they intended to go? If so mission accomplished but, I don’t think the brown ale works with the coffee flavouring.

Personally speaking, this is not a beer for me. If the recipe was tweaked a little by perhaps smoothing out the flavour of the sharp coffee this could potentially be a good drink. However, for now, it’s a no from me.

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