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Well I was going to do a Twitter feed of my trip to Ireland however since Twitter has kindly locked my account I’ll be posting updates here so stay tuned!This post will be a little off topic sometimes however I will also be putting quick pics up of any non alcoholic drinks I find and taste while I’m over the other side of the river

29/03/2019 17:55

Nothing like a cold beer after a long day of sight seeing

29/03/2019 09:44

Good morning from sunny Ireland.

28/03/2019 17:49

Free beer! All for a small fee of £10

28/03/2019 15:05

We are on! See you on the other side

28/03/2019 12:40

2 hour delay for the ferry….*sigh* at least we get to look at an old lighthouse

28/03/2019 12:02

Arrived in hollyhead and waiting for the ferry

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