LYRE’S American Malt

Here it is folks. I’ve waited a few weeks for this one after learning of it’s existence. LYRE’S American Malt claims to be “a homage to a timeless classic” so let’s see if it’s true to it’s claim.

Popping the cap off the top and taking in a deep breath provides a very sweet cent filled with honey along with the welcoming smell of oak.

The colour is definitely there; a clear medium-dark, caramel brown.

First up is the neat tasting, using my Penguin shaped ice cubes for a little…..class *wink*. I immediately notice the mouth feel with this spirit. Unfortunately it is on the watery side and for some reason, there is a strange tang on the back of the tongue as it swills around the taste buds. Flowing down the back of the mouth and down the throat, you are provided with that old familiar burn of a proper malt. Ahh, memories.

Flavour wise, this has a lot of punch from the charred oak cask which presents itself as a smokey oak flavour. This may be a little overpowering as the rest of the flavour didn’t come to me.

Let’s try with a mixer. For this, I went with the classic of coke. The coke adds a nice body, removing the wateriness. The first time I made this up, I drowned the spirit but the 2nd time was spot on. Definitely one to drink mixed for me.

Overall, I’d give this malt 4 fish out of 5. It has the flavour, it packs that classic whisky punch but the mouth feel just isn’t there. Fix that, and you have yourself a 5 fish beverage. Cheers!

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