Celtic Soul Dark Spirit

Update: I may have been a little harsh with my initial review below. After giving this another chance in a taller glass it tastes a whole lot better when mixed with coke.

Celtic Soul is the first dark spirit I have seen in the non-alcoholic world and as a big whisky drinker (yes, without the ‘e’) I was both excited and a little dubious about tasting this.

While the bottle suggests fragrances and tastes of vanilla, I instead got banana both in the aroma and the flavours. Perhaps my taste buds are a little off today?

Pouring into a glass showed this to be quite watery compared to an alcoholic dark spirit but we can attribute this to alcohol having a higher density than water. Sadly, this watery-ness runs throughout the drink.

Neat Tasting
While not the recommended way of drinking this spirit (serving suggestion at the end as per the label) I had to try it neat initially to learn the flavours. This was a mistake.
The watery-ness of the mouth feel was an instant let down for this and the initial taste was bland. There was a degree of flavour in the after taste of banana mixed with that of an aged spirit in an oak cask. This oaky flavour helped bring back the familiar burn of a whisky which was nice however not enough to make up for the experience.

Mixter Tasting – Cola
Because the serving suggestion said to drink with cola I had to give it another chance. While the serving suggestion says use 50ml of spirit, i’d argue that you’d need 75ml or more as when I first tasted, I had to add more spirit to the glass pictured as I could not taste anything but cola. After adding more I was greeted with the same flavour as the neat tasing. Banana and oak.

I really wanted to love this spirit however from my experience I think i’ll be giving this one a miss. It certainly is a step forward for non alcoholic spirits by choosing to enter the whisky area however for me, there is too much room for improvement. Could we ever see a true non alcoholic whisky? Who knows, but I sure hope we do.

Serving Suggestion:
As per the bottle:
Pour 50ml of Celtic Soul over ice and top with cola or ginger ale. Garnish with fresh orange peel.

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1 thought on “Celtic Soul Dark Spirit”

  1. I bought this for my 76 year old mother for Christmas
    It tastes like watered down apple juice with a hint of ginger. The fact that it advises to mix with ginger ale is hilarious!
    What a disappointment!

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