Racing Beer

When I first picked this beer for this month’s beer parcel I wasn’t holding out much for this beer. But boy was I wrong!
All the way from Belgum, this beer offers up some fantastic twists and turns as you drink up.

Pouring the beer results in quite a large head needing a couple of minutes to let it settle. The strong stream of bubbles provide some entertainment while you wait as you watch them stream up the length of the glass in a mesmerising way.

The aroma of this beer is much like its flavour; strong notes of what I can only describe as tinned fruit salad come to mind and literally make the mouth water slightly.

Taking the first sip and letting it sit on the pallet to taste fully, you are hit by a tang explosion in the face, just like when you eat your first Haribo Sour’s Mix. Following this tangy punch comes that sweet taste of fruit salad on the end which smooths the tang nicely. These twists and turns make that second mouthful all the more irresistible.

While very sweet I can see everyone enjoying this drink weather they have a sweet tooth or not, it truly is a great tasting beer that also takes you on a rollercoaster of a journey through its short, 330ml track.

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