Henry And His Science

So I’ve been shopping online for non alcoholic beers for a while now and each time, this beer pops it’s label up so I thought hey, why not give this a shot this time round.

Pouring the beer is very easy and also quite satisfying. There is a good stream of bubbles in this beer which add to the experience as they provide a satisfying crackle as they reach the surface and pop under the head. There is a distinctive pale yellow colour to this beer which gives the false impression that there is little flavour to be had from each sip. Boy was I wrong.

Taking my first sip I pause to inspect the bubble stream and notice that this beer comes equipped with a small amount of sediment as I watch tiny flakes doing loop-de-loop’s in the bubbles. No problem, I thought, as I took my first few sips. Well. What an explosion of tang and flavour. The tang quickly begins to fade however lingers around for a fair bit after while the malted flavours come through which I’m still trying to figure out what they remind me of. The closest I’ve come to is passion fruit which is strange, as there are no fruits within this beer. Perhaps another bottle would help *wink*

I’ll definitely be having this as a regular beer at home and would highly recommend everyone try this beer if they are able to get ahold of it as it is definitely worth it for that tang explosion.

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