Hairless Dog IPA

This is the first in a duo of reviews. You can check out the other Hairless Dog beer here: Hairless Dog Black Ale

Both the Hairless Dog IP and Black Ale were provided by The Alcohol Free Co. for a taste test. You can visit their Amazon shop and browse their offerings by clicking here

It’s a Monday evening and I’m browsing Twitter when what should I see? The Non Alcoholic Co. advertising for three lucky bloggers to try out a potential new beer in their offering. So, naturally, I contacted them and crossed my fingers. And what do you know? Lucky me received a tasting pack of not one, but two beers from Hairless Dog.

First up is their IPA offering to the Non Alcoholic world of drinks. This drink went down very well.
Upon pouring into a glass, I notice the lack of head which seem’s common for non alcoholic IPA’s, along with a hazy, amber, almost nectar-like colouring.

Inhaling the aroma of this IPA provides a sweet yet acidic scent with plenty of hop and a deceptive fruity fragrence. This reminds me of another beer I’ve tried…Let’s delve further.

The mouth feel of this IPA is very nice. A fine stream of bubbles tingle your tongue as the flavour dances on the pallet. You can definitely taste the hops used to create this flavourful IPA along with an acidic after taste which provides a medium tang on the back of the tongue.

This IPA reminds me a lot like C/O/A/S/T Beer’s Hazy IPA offering only with a more intense flavour, aroma and after-tang. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something with a bit of pizazz in the non alcoholic world.

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