Cmapblu Menbhuk

Shopping for beers at the start of the month always brings me joy. Not because of the thought of sipping these interesting flavours (But that is a good point), it’s the random discoveries I find that throw up strange sounding names. And that’s where we come to this beer, Cmaplu Menbhuk.

With it’s short, rotund stature this incredible bottle design holds a full standard pint.

Pouring is easy and produces little head which as you’ll get from my previous posts is a bonus for me as there’s nothing worse than waiting for the head to clear before you can dive on in.

Unfortunately that’s where the great points stop and this beer starts to slip into the relms of a standard larger.

This lager is a wheat based drink and has a weak flavour both on the palette and in the aroma. A medium amount of fizz makes the drink pleasurable but the lack of taste makes me remember the days of being back in college drinking cheap lager and not caring about the drink and only the end result; getting brick faced.

Overall I’d say if you want a craft ale keep away from this beer. However, if you’re looking for an easy drink at the end of a hard day then this is a nice cheap alternative to some of the others available.

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